onsdag 1. april 2009

The Fashion World is a world worth living in!


Erin Fetherston


3.1 Phillip Lim
Photos from www.style.com
In my opinion fashion should never be taken seriously. Fashion is about freedom and the oportunity to express yourself in any way you like. Never let someone tell you what to do do or wear.
Be careless about trends and explore clothes on your own. The only limit is the sky when it comes to style.
Be inspired and try something new!!!!

5 kommentarer:

Victoria C sa...

You've showcased some really gorgeous looks, I love all of them esp the Erin Fetherston one! xx

Madeline sa...

i love the last look. p.s. phillip lim is a genius

Skumfidus sa...

Kjempeflotte! Men si meg... har de tatt en liten tur gjennom photoshop? Uansett kjempeflott skjær i dem!

|ME sa...

Yes Anna photoshop på disse....<3<3<3<3<3

Your second sista sa...

SV: Thanks sista!

Nice pics sista, from the same mista!